TMG Supports DC Youth

The Moss Group is proud to be working with the D.C. Summer Youth Employment Program for the second year in a row. The program was created to provide meaningful and constructive work experiences for youth and young adults ages 14 to 24.

As a host employer, TMG’s goal is to provide interns with real-world work experience, aid in developing positive work habits, and strengthening other skill sets necessary to ultimately secure sustainable future employment as well as providing valuable support to TMG.

This summer we are pleased to welcome Franchesca Morris, who is in her final year at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, and will earn her Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice in December 2019. She has interned at the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Homeland Security and supports her university in the Beasley School of Law and Student Center Operations. After graduation, Franchesca plans to pursue a master’s degree in Social Work.

Andie Moss Co-Authors Transgender Correctional Policy Paper

Transgender persons are at increased risk of victimization during incarceration and have unique health care needs. This fact is one of the main reasons Andie Moss, president of TMG, Newton E. Kendig, MD (School of Medicine and Health Sciences, George Washington University, Washington, DC), Andrea Cubitt, PhD, (also with George Washington’s School of Medicine and Health Services), and Jae Sevelius, PhD (Center of Excellence for Transgender Health, University of California, San Francisco, CA) recently published a comprehensive report entitled “Developing Correctional Policy, Practice, and Clinical Care Considerations for Incarcerated Transgender Patients Through Collaborative Stakeholder Engagement.”

The paper, which was published in the Journal of Correctional Health Care, originated from a symposium Improving the Management and Care and Incarcerated Transgender Patients which was held in August 2018 in Washington, D.C.  The symposium consisted of 27 key stakeholders to develop consensus on correctional policy, practice, and clinical care considerations for incarcerated transgender persons. Participants included formerly justice-involved transgender persons, correctional leaders, government authorities, academicians, advocates, health care providers, and expert consultants.

Consensus considerations were developed in four areas: correctional practices that promote safety and respectful interactions with transgender inmates, training of correctional staff, health care delivery, and reentry to the community. Gaps in knowledge and practice in these four areas were also identified. A collaborative stakeholder model is an effective strategy to convene disparate groups who infrequently communicate with one another to help advance correctional policies and clinical care. To review the full paper, click here.

TMG Proud To Be Supporting AJFO

The 2019 AJFO Conference is being held at the Georgia Tech Conference Center December 8 – 11, 2019. Visit to register, book hotels, and respond to a call for presenters, if interested.

About AJFO: Association for Justice-Involved Females and Organizations

AJFO is the only professional conference focused exclusively on women and girls involved with the criminal justice system.  Participants represent a diverse array of practitioners, state administrators, program directors, women with lived experience, advocates, researchers, program developers, and experts in reentry, incarceration, juvenile justice, trauma, and gender. In 2015, the conference drew about 600 professionals from federal, state, and local correctional systems, as well as treatment providers and researchers from the United States, Canada, and other countries.

Because of the gender and cultural differences of women and girls, many working in the field strongly believed that there needed to be an international and ongoing discourse. Issues that tend to be particularly unique to women and girls involved in the criminal justice system include stigmas for mothers and women,  children and child care, financial stability and income, prostitution and human trafficking, domestic violence or intimate partner violence, and trauma and different pathways to criminal behavior. Learning about women and girls is particularly important because early information, research, and design related to incarceration, prison,  and reentry into the community was originally developed with men in mind.

Safety Matters Addresses Sexual Safety in Women’s Facilities

The fourth round of Safety Matters: Managing Relationships in Women’s Facilities training was provided in Aurora, CO, in May as a collaboration between TMG and the National Institute of Corrections (NIC). Safety Matters was created as a blended learning curriculum that combines online learning with traditional classroom-based learning to address the complex issues of sexual safety in women’s facilities. 

This session was the first in which several jurisdictions came together for the training, including participants from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, Illinois Department of Corrections, Iowa Department of Corrections, Georgia Department of Corrections, and Louisiana Department of Corrections. Evaluation data demonstrated that the participants really enjoyed and learned from the facilitation provided by the TMG team. Maureen Buell, NIC program manager, worked with the TMG team throughout this project and was also onsite contributing and witnessing the power both in the program and in bringing together agencies from around the country.

Leading with Awareness:  Implicit Bias

You might not realize it, but it’s almost impossible to go a day without being affected by implicit bias. What is implicit bias?

Quite simply it refers to the attitudes and stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. These biases, which factor in both our personal and professional lives, are activated involuntarily and often without an individual’s awareness or intentional control. The good news is that implicit biases can be mitigated with awareness, skill-building, and bias-reduction strategies and practical techniques.

The Moss Group, Inc. provides a wide range of Leading with Awareness: Implicit Bias trainings, from introduction and awareness, to organizational strategies for change. Training sessions and series can be customized to your needs.

A challenge or conflict may exist within a certain group or level of workers, or there may be a longstanding manifestation within the culture of your organization that needs to be addressed. TMG will work directly with you to design the training that best suits your needs – to include assessment tools, assignments, surveys, readings and follow-up coaching.  Click here to download TMG’s flyer for more information.

New PREA Fact Sheet Template Created for Jails

If you operate within a jail and want staff to be aware of key PREA policies, The Moss Group developed a new template: Basic PREA Fact Sheet. This Basic-PREA-Fact-Sheet-template was developed specifically for jails who may not provide PREA employee training, but would still like employees and contractors to be aware of key policies or practices that support sexual safety. You can download it below.

This PREA Fact Sheet template includes a zero-tolerance statement and blank spaces for jails to fill-in facility-specific information on ways to report for inmates and staff. 

PLEASE NOTE: This PREA Fact Sheet does not count towards PREA employee training under the PREA standards should you undergo a facility PREA audit. However, it is a good start in providing some basic information to guide staff in support of sexual safety and reporting. 


To learn more about The Moss Group or if you have questions about this PREA Fact Sheet, please contact Judy Kirby at or (202) 546-4747.

TMG Honored with M/WBE Award

The Moss Group was selected as the Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) honoree for its service and contribution to the NYC Department of Correction (DOC). The NYC DOC Central Office of Procurement (OCP) honored The Moss Group on March 28 at the 3rd annual M/WBE event at the Queens Borough Hall, Helen Marshall Cultural Center.

TMG has been working with NYC DOC since 2014, providing services to enhance the culture of sexual safety and compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act. DOC Commissioner Cynthia Brann, DOC OCP Assistant Commissioner Ava Rice, Gregg Bishop, commissioner NYC Small Business Services, and Jonnel Doris, senior advisor and director, Mayor’s Office of M/WBE, were on hand to congratulate The Moss Group and convey appreciation for the commitment of TMG in supporting NYC DOC.