A Study of COVID-19 and the Work of Correctional Officers Launched

To better understand how COVID-19 is affecting correctional officers and how they carry out their duties, Dr Thomas Akoensi (University of Kent) and Dr Justice Tankebe (University of Cambridge) are conducting a research project. The goal, said the article, is to provide crucial information to support the ongoing efforts by various correctional facilities to control the wider impact of the virus.

The study will involve officers completing a short online questionnaire on how the virus is affecting them and their interactions with prisoners. Given the nature of their work, officers are also likely to be anxious about the risk of becoming infected. Consequently, the researchers will also investigate the potential impact on the mental health of officers and how they are coping with the challenges.

Physical access to correctional facilities is not required. Officers are sent a link to an online questionnaire to complete. For more information regarding participation in the survey, email jt340@cam.ac.uk.

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