Honoring the Life of Judy Wood

Judy L. Wood played was a co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of The Moss Group in our almost 20 years of work in the criminal justice field. Given the outreach of our work at TMG, some of our important supporters and consultant team members may not know that we lost Judy on June 13, 2021, so we share this news with sadness, yet overwhelming appreciation for her. Judy was my partner in business and in life and I am so deeply grateful for our 30 years together.

Judy was an amazing woman with so many accomplishments. There would not be a TMG without her pragmatic business acumen and astute understanding of the ups and downs of building an organization. Judy was the financial brains that kept TMG functioning and afloat during our early growth years, flat financial years, and most recently the dance of revenue impact during COVID 19. She ensured our compliance with federal requirements, financial reports, clean audits, financial projections, and so much more. She unselfishly agreed to risk our personal resources when the organization needed support to continue, as unexpected financial demands emerged – not uncommon in a small business. For that I am grateful and in awe of her capacity to believe in me, the TMG team, and our mission.

Judy was a mentor to our finance staff through the years, as well as to other TMG team members. She had a calm about her no matter what the stress or challenge might be. She was interested in the details of our work and enjoyed the opportunities we had together to learn more about the international corrections world, as we enjoyed attending conferences in Romania, Australia, and London. Our good friend and advisor, Dr. Reggie Wilkinson, and Judy famously planned birthday celebrations for me inviting literally the “world.”

The Moss Group office building was Judy’s brainchild and grand project to oversee. If you have been in our offices on Pennsylvania Avenue in southeast Washington, DC, you know they have an artful and contemporary flare mixed with the character of the turn of the century architecture. This was Judy. Colors, use of space, lighting, drama—but tasteful…all her style.

Finally, let me express how much I appreciate the overwhelming support so many of you have given me in ways that have sustained me in a time of deep loss. I know I am not the only one who has lost her presence—she touched so many lives. She was our north star in her role as TMG CFO and we honor her memory with heartfelt gratitude.

To honor Judy publicly, I will host a Celebration of Life on November 4, 2021, in Washington, DC, at the Amenity from 4pm -7 pm. We will have a time of remembrance in a service and then a celebrative reception. Because our lives have included friends and family outside the DC area, there will be a casual brunch for out-of-town guests November 5 at our home. Click here to read an obituary I wrote for our local community magazine that highlights more of who she was to the DC nonprofit and art community. The article is on page 67. Thank you for your kindness in this difficult time and thank you Judy L. Wood!

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