New PREA Fact Sheet Template Created for Jails

The Moss Group - PREA Fact Sheet for Jails

If you operate within a jail and want staff to be aware of key PREA policies, The Moss Group developed a new template: Basic PREA Fact Sheet. This Basic-PREA-Fact-Sheet-template was developed specifically for jails who may not provide PREA employee training, but would still like employees and contractors to be aware of key policies or practices that support sexual safety. You can download it below.

This PREA Fact Sheet template includes a zero-tolerance statement and blank spaces for jails to fill-in facility-specific information on ways to report for inmates and staff. 

PLEASE NOTE: This PREA Fact Sheet does not count towards PREA employee training under the PREA standards should you undergo a facility PREA audit. However, it is a good start in providing some basic information to guide staff in support of sexual safety and reporting. 


To learn more about The Moss Group or if you have questions about this PREA Fact Sheet, please contact Donna Deutsch at

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