Scottish Prisons Launch Video Visits

A Scottish Prison Service (SPS) initiative is allowing all prisoners in Scotland to keep in touch with friends and family via video visits during the Covid-19 crisis. During the lockdown, all social visits to prisons in the United Kingdom have been suspended to protect the residents in care and the community from the Covid-19 threat. SPS management said they initiated the service because they understand how important it is for prisoners’ mental health and rehabilitation to stay connected with their family.

SPS partnered with Unilink to provide the service ensuring that prisoners can stay connected to their loved ones, free of charge during these challenging times and after the ease of the lockdown as a safer alternative to the face-to-face visits, especially for families unable to travel to sites.

The service is available for family visits and one-to-one meetings. Slots are available daily from 10am and 30-minute sessions are allowed. The Video Visits can be booked via Since the introduction of the service, a few weeks ago, over 4000 successful Video Visits were carried out.

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