Women CEOs: A National Voice Mentoring Program

The Association of Women Executives in Corrections (AWEC) National Voice Committee aims to assist members who are considering the pursuit of CEO positions. While every state has adult corrections agencies and juvenile justice systems, currently only eight women serve as heads of adult prison systems and 16 women head juvenile justice agencies, meaning that only approximately 20 percent of these agencies are headed by women.

A harsh reality for those who serve in executive-level government positions, is that government agency cabinet members and many chief executives serve at the pleasure of state governors. Many find themselves looking for jobs when new governors are inaugurated.

AWEC wants to encourage its members to consider themselves as viable candidates for top positions and be alert for opportunities and positions that become available. To help in that endeavor, the National Voice Committee can serve as a sounding board and offer assistance as its women members consider the next level of opportunities. Go to www.awec.us for more information.

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