Leading with Awareness

In today’s climate, never has there been more of a need for organizational initiatives addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). For years, The Moss Group has been at the forefront of these issues under our umbrella term, Leading with Awareness, which offers numerous respectful workplace strategies tailored to our clients’ unique needs and culture.

If your organization wants to strengthen awareness around fair and impartial policies, perspectives, and practices, which invariably leads to an organization of inclusion, grounded in healthier attitudes, decisions, and behavior, then consider working with TMG today.


TMG Strategies

Choose one, all, or a combination of Leading with Awareness (LWA) strategies that best meet your organization’s needs and goals.

Listening Sessions

Listening sessions, facilitated by TMG DEI subject matter experts (SMEs), are the recommended first step in shaping strategies in building a respectful approach to the sensitive and important issues that must be considered in engaging staff, clients and communities.

These 90-minute powerful sessions, with no more than 10-12 participants per session, provide an opportunity for leadership and staff to share and hear the perspectives from one another and to explore strategies that would create a high priority approach to addressing diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Executive Video Message

TMG will facilitate the development, recording, and delivery of a 15- to 30-minute video message from the agency or organization leader to announce a Leading with Awareness: DEI initiative to all staff. The leader can be teamed with one of TMG’s DEI SMEs if desired.

Town Hall Meeting

TMG will facilitate the development, delivery, and recording of a 60- to 90-minute town hall meeting, led by an agency leader who will be teamed with a TMG DEI SME. The recommended audience size is no more than 50 participants who represent a diverse cross section of the organization. The town hall meeting will be recorded and provided to all staff.

Establishment of an LWA: DEI Steering Committee

In collaboration with agency leadership and identified stakeholders, TMG will facilitate the establishment of an agency level LWA: DEI Steering Committee made up of a diverse group of participants representing geographical, divisional, and functional areas of the organization. TMG will provide recommendations on the structure, guidelines, communication, tools, and processes to support an effective and productive steering committee and positive outcomes.

Staff Survey

TMG will develop and administer an online survey focused on a respectful workplace with an emphasis on race and inclusion. Survey results will be compiled and reviewed, and a summary report of themes, observations, strengths, and challenges provided by TMG. The report analysis will support the work of an LWA: DEI initiative, including development of a Steering Committee, workshops and training, policy development, and strategic planning.

Internal Document Review

TMG will provide a document request list and conduct a review and assessment of these documents which may include internal surveys, organization, agency, or facility demographics (race, gender, years of service, hiring demographics, promotions), exit interview information, policies, training curriculum, grievances, lawsuits, etc. This review is beneficial in helping to chart trends and assess strengths, and opportunities that may or may not support the intended outcomes.

Leadership Retreat

TMG will facilitate a leadership retreat specific to diversity, equity, and inclusion and a respectful workplace. The leadership retreat strategy includes the following four components:

  • Pre-assignment and individual assessment tool.
  • A three-hour Zoom session focused on listening, raising awareness, and discussing assessment results.
  • An interim assignment provided to participants at the conclusion of the initial Zoom session.
  • A follow-up three-hour Zoom session to share feedback on assignments and create individual plans for continued development.

LWA Foundational Training

TMG will provide a customized foundational training, either onsite or virtually, tailored to your staff and organization. Training topics include foundational DEI information as well as customized content based on the themes of the listening sessions, document review, and other leveraged data.

LWA Workshops

TMG offers a range of LWA: DEI workshops and recommends that any DEI initiative begin with our two- to four-hour (onsite or virtual) Leading with Awareness workshop for an identified cohort or group such as trainers or managers. The informative session will provide an overview of key definitions around implicit bias, racial equity, diversity, and inclusion, raising awareness of recognizing and addressing these topics.

Additional Offerings

  • Policy review, refinement, and development
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • DEI organizational or departmental assessment
  • DEI or related Strategic Plan development


TMG’s Subject Matter Experts

TMG’s LWA: DEI project team represents diverse subject matter experts and advisors, each of whom brings a unique understanding of what it takes to ensure the development and implementation of an organizational initiative addressing social justice and racial equity that will take hold and sustain a healthy and respectful culture.

TMG President Andie Moss is a nationally recognized and respected expert with an extensive history working on sensitive correctional management issues. She was at the forefront of the work to assess and address organizational and facility culture and has delivered numerous presentations on this topic.


Dr. Reginald Wilkinson has worked with The Moss Group since 2002 and serves as a senior advisor.  He provided thirty-three years of leadership with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections; more than 15 as the agency’s director. In February 2020, he was awarded the National Governors Association Distinguished Service Award. In the past several years he has been instrumental in shaping conversations and serving on TMGs Leading with Awareness team to correctional executives on the emerging and important issue of implicit bias.

Michelle Duhart is the managing director at TMG and has 25 years of experience working with federal, non-profit, public and private institutions regarding juvenile delinquency, advocacy, organizational development, and training and technical assistance initiatives. She has led and set up several training centers nationally and worked to enhance programming, policies, and enhanced practice regarding domestic violence, sexual assault and substance abuse. Ms. Duhart has a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University.

Al Durr is a TMG consultant with expertise in designing and implementing racial equity and inclusion initiatives focused on best practices. He was formerly the Diversity Program Manager for the Army National Guard, responsible for training, compliance, and strategic initiatives, and implemented a Diversity and Inclusion strategic plan for over 35,000 personnel. Mr. Durr has received certifications on diversity and inclusion from Cornell and Georgetown Universities. He has served on and been involved in numerous leadership and diversity initiatives at the local, state, and national level, as well as lectured on diversity and inclusion at several educational institutions.

Mina Raskin is a retired government attorney and TMG consultant with extensive experience in conflict resolution and communication skills.  Ms. Raskin created the Diversity and Inclusion program for the Federal Bureau of Prison and oversaw its implementation for over 15 years. She also served as the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer and Chief of the Conflict Resolution, Equal Employment and Diversity Office for over 20 years. Ms. Raskin received the Advanced Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University in 2020.

Marcelo Roman has worked with the Moss Group since 2015 as senior advisor and consultant. With over 25 years of experience working with private, public, and non-profit organizations, he is a trusted leader and collaborator with board of directors, senior executives, and field leaders helping organizations at the intersection of organization strategy and people strategy. He has worked for over 30 years in diversity and Inclusion advocacy, policy strategy and development, and implementation of programs in several organizations. The D&I clients include but are not limited to IBM, P&G, Ernst & Young, Pfizer, Merck, Raytheon, and Chick-Fil-A. While working for IBM Corporation, he was appointed as a member of the D&I Global Task Force and drove policy implementation across all the regions.

Shirley Moore Smeal is a TMG consultant and former project director. She previously served as the executive deputy secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections for 30 years. She was responsible for the day-to-day operations of a 50,000-inmate system as well as a 16, 000 staff members. Her subject matter expertise in operational practices, leadership development, and supervisory training, are perfectly aligned with the goals of this initiative.

Mykel Selph is a TMG consultant who lends her seasoned social justice advocacy and expertise to numerous efforts that include diversity, equity, inclusion, and change management. She has worked in the public and private sectors to include serving as the previous director of the Office of Girls and Gender at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center. She has led teams through organizational development, strategic planning, new policies and practices implementation, and listening sessions, and supported numerous organizations to integrate appropriate language for their LGBTQI population. Her professional mantra and mission are to create safe spaces for ongoing dialogue on social justice issues that are non-judgmental and empathic.

Linda Weinberg is a government attorney and TMG consultant with a deep background in organizational operations, human capital management, policy, and training implementation. Ms. Weinberg is a certified DEI trainer.  She has been a consultant with The Moss Group since 2017, and leads projects that align with her training expertise on leadership, team building, coaching, culture, trauma-informed care, and gender-responsiveness. For the last seven years of Ms. Weinberg’s career, she served as the public safety director, deputy county administrator in Orange County, FL, which included oversight of the 1,100-personnel fire department and the 3,500-bed correctional facility.

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