PREA Card for First Responders

Following are downloadable, pocket-size PREA Cards for First Responders that are a good reference tool to have in reach if you are in the position of ever having to respond to sexual abuse or sexual harassment allegations between inmates or between inmates and staff in your facility. One PREA Card is for use in adult facilities, the other is for use in juvenile facilities.

Instructions: click on the image of the card you want. You’ll be redirected to a .PDF which you can either save to your device or print.  Once printed, trimmed, and folded, each card is 3″ x 5″ (about the size of an index card.)


If you have questions about PREA Guidelines, PREA Readiness & Implementation, or PREA Compliance, please give The Moss Group a call and visit other sections of our website to learn more. [Click Here]



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