Culture and Organizational Assessments

The Moss Group - Culture and Organizational AssessmentsWe conduct culture and organizational assessments to improve management and operational practices.  Our process includes documenting organizational strengths, challenges, and opportunities at the agency and facility level.

Our comprehensive culture and organizational assessments identify areas where there is conflict at the intersection of staff and inmate culture based on the organization’s stated mission and vision.

Through staff surveys, staff interviews, inmate interviews, focus groups, onsite observations, and assessment of management and operational practices related to the stated mission, vision, and values of an agency or facility, we will identify themes and emerging issues directly connected to the formal and informal cultural norms of your facility.

Following an intense review and culture and organizational assessment, we provide a detailed report and customized recommendations. The report details our findings and offers practical, action-oriented, and research-based recommendations often providing short- and long-term solutions with suggested resources for cost-effective assistance.


To learn more about The Moss Group and culture and organizational assessments, please contact Donna Deutsch at or (202) 546-4747.

I am always impressed by The Moss Group’s professionalism, its approach to any project undertaken, the research that is done, and the very high level of facilitators it engages through its vast network of contacts in the corrections profession.

Patricia L. CarusoCorrections Consultant and retired Director from the Michigan Department of Corrections

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