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The Moss Group’s experience in assisting organizations with sustainable culture change is distinctive. We have worked with criminal justice agencies at the federal, state, and local level. We’ve worked with for-profit and with nonprofit organizations.

Each client we work with is unique and so is TMG’s approach to guiding organizations through culture change. Not only do we bring theory and models for change, but we also have the leadership experience of defining and leading culture change within organizations.

Each of the clients we’ve worked with on mission change, transitions, and culture have described TMG as a trusted partner both in the process and in outcomes.

Why you want TMG to assist with your organization’s culture change.

You may:

  • Be experiencing new challenges and the old way of doing things are no longer effective.
  • Want to improve existing organizational culture by staying up to date on best- and research-informed practices.
  • Be engaged in a litigation process requiring your organization to make changes because of a settlement agreement.
  • Want to make a strategic planning process come alive and be meaningful when it’s translated into practice.

We work with you to create opportunities to involve key decision makers and executives in the process. A process that also includes staff at all levels, offenders, residents, returning citizens, and community stakeholders.

How we do it.

TMG’s involvement starts with a thorough environmental scan and continues through to action planning and strategic development.  Effective and sustainable culture change requires looking internally and externally.

While other consulting firms may provide similar services, most cannot offer the breadth or depth of TMG’s deep bench of experienced consultants. The key difference is that our consultants are informed by their own experience in the field, the experience of working with similar organizations, and valuing the voice and knowledge of you, the dedicated practitioner.

TMG will work with your organization to complete a full culture assessment which includes staff surveys, focus groups, and individual staff and offender/resident/returning citizen interviews. From there, we design experiential workshops that allow you to identify your organization’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities. After that, you will receive a report and recommendations. If desired, TMG will also provide on-going support through executive coaching, action team accountability, and technical assistance in specific areas, as needed.

TMG initially began assisting in culture change by working with organizations seeking to provide sexual safety in their facilities. That work expanded into assisting other organizations experiencing transitions and culture change due to mission change and litigation.

Our work has now evolved to support organizations as they plan to incorporate a greater focus on staff wellness, gender responsiveness, reduction or elimination of restrictive housing, as well as safety overall.  Culture creates an environment that supports any initiative aimed at positive change and better outcomes for staff and offenders/residents.

We look forward to being your trusted partner.


To learn more about The Moss Group or Culture Change, please click on the links below or contact Donna Deutsch at or (202)546-4747

While working to reform the culture of the challenged Los Angeles County jail system, The Moss Group assisted by developing a gender-responsive master plan, including cultural reform. The team was able to quickly assess the challenges and lead a mistrusting leadership team by establishing trust and demonstrating extreme competency. But I would have expected no less, as this is the reputation of TMG—an organization that brings qualified experts to the table and can be trusted to appropriately and profoundly challenge systems in a respectful and professional manner.

Terri McDonaldConsultant and former Undersecretary for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the Jail Administrator for the Los Angeles County jail system

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