Mock PREA Audit

The Moss Group - PREA Audit TeamThe Moss Group’s mock PREA audit process helps agencies prepare for a formal audit and know what to expect from the actual audit experience. We use certified PREA auditors in our mock audit process.

Our model includes the following elements which are consistent with national PREA audit guidelines:

  • Notice of the mock audit
  • Facility completion of a pre-audit questionnaire
  • Facility response to a document request list
  • TMG onsite interviews, tours, and document review
  • TMG written report

There are three differences to note between the mock audit process and the official PREA certification audit:

  • The mock audit includes a report, however, it does not include the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) dual report format (a preliminary report and a final audit report with a corrective action planning period of 180 days). We provide a concise report that will discuss the policy and practice related to each standard and outline specific, actionable recommendations for improvement where indicated.
  • The mock audit includes practical, on-site coaching throughout the process and provision of follow-up assistance, such as sample policy language, screening questions, and process structures.
  • The mock audit process mirrors an actual audit as much as possible, however, only DOJ-certified auditors conducting an official audit confirm compliance at your facility. Our mock audit process provides an excellent snapshot of a facility’s readiness for an audit and will help identify areas where sexual safety can be strengthened in support of a successful certification audit.

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