Restrictive Housing

The Moss Group - Restrictive HousingRestrictive housing is one of the most complex issues facing corrections today. Agencies who want to effectively address the issues seek support from The Moss Group.

TMG knows best practices, understands the challenges and cultural dynamics, and has expert curriculum delivery skills in training and technical assistance to support agency efforts in safely decreasing the population of inmates in restrictive housing.

Addressing complex issues impacting Restrictive Housing concerns:

  • Inmates with serious mental illness identification, placement, and management
  • Staff safety
  • Orderly operation of correctional agencies, constitutional concerns, court decisions, consent decrees, and field research
  • Culture change, staff attitudes, staff readiness for a change in practice
  • Gender-responsive decision making
  • Preliminary measures to avoid Restrictive Housing placement
  • Behavior management programs and alternatives to restrictive housing
  • Understanding inmate trauma histories and how they affect behavior
  • Staffing levels and staff supervision
  • Warning signs and communication
  • Conditions of confinement
  • Lengths of stay
  • Transition and release into general population

Our knowledge of tough questions and challenges, cultural barriers, and the importance of practices responding to vulnerable populations will strengthen your organization’s successes in implementing recommended practice and programs that support safe, humane conditions.

We provide assessment, training, and technical assistance to ensure your agency is knowledgeable in effective practices with tools to safely reduce restricted populations.


To learn more about The Moss Group or addressing complex issues, please click on the links below or contact Donna Deutsch at or (202) 546-4747

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