Sexual Safety Assessments

Andie Moss conducts a focus group with inmatesThe Moss Group’s approach to Sexual Safety Assessments (SSAs) is guided by core values, respect, and collaboration. Chief among our assessment protocol is how it’s designed to promote a positive relationship with our client as they address sensitive issues in their facility(ies).

The Sexual Safety Assessment protocol is grounded in accepted and best practices designed specifically to support sexual safety for your staff and those under your care.

Our process achieves three cohesive goals:

  • Alignment of practice with US DOJ PREA standards
  • Improved management and operational practice
  • Adoption of formal and informal cultural norms

Our Sexual Safety Assessment process also includes a thorough review of your agency and facility policies, procedures, and practices as they relate to creating sexually safe reporting cultures through in-depth document review and on-site assessment.

PREA audits focus specifically on what an agency or facility is doing to comply with standards. However, SSAs focus on how policy and procedure are communicated, implemented, sustained. Furthermore, why things are done the way they are. Every institution is different.

In addition to reviewing selected standards and management/operational practices, our SSA approach allows TMG to understand the cultural context in which these practices occur. It also allows for actionable recommendations supporting both full implementation that meets the intent of the standards as well as long-term sustainability.

We use a customized assessment protocol to achieve a comprehensive view of agency and facility operations. Our model has been shaped and refined through examining relevant research, extensive practitioner experience, evidence-based practice, knowledge of organizational culture and sub-culture dynamics,  PREA standards, and collaborative partnerships with various federal, state, and private entities.

TMG’s Sexual Safety Assessment teams are composed of subject matter experts with considerable experience in enhancing sexual safety in confinement settings. They are also experts in organizational culture change, leadership development, policy and legal issues related to sexual abuse in confinement settings. This includes mental health, investigations, gender-responsive principles, gender-based violence prevention, and victim services.

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