Strategic Planning

The Moss Group has extensive experience in helping organizations with strategic planning. We facilitate and develop systemic strategic plans that align with an organization’s vision, mission, and values. Collaborating with leadership and key stakeholders is essential to our process.

Team agreements, common language, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis guide us in identifying priority areas of focus for the organization. TMG will support you throughout the strategic planning process. Together we set goals and develop implementation plans. Those plans are then communicated through regular meetings and coaching to ensure forward progress and to provide guidance and feedback on challenging issues.

The ultimate strategic planning outcome is creating a roadmap to implement identified changes with assigned responsibilities and to determine what measures will best record the plan’s impact.

Our process includes a combination of onsite and remote meetings.

Deliverables for our strategic development capability include:

  • Updated organizational vision, mission, and value statements.
  • An organizational needs assessment designed to determine factors that will facilitate or hinder mission implementation to reach the vision.
  • A prioritization process based on the results of a needs assessment.The Moss Group - Strategic Planning
  • Goals, objectives, and strategies for developing an action plan to drive implementation and sustainability.
  • Assigned ownership of implementation strategies.
  • Outcome measures based on an organization’s current capacity for monitoring.

We provide short- and long-term strategic planning depending on your organization’s desired goals.

To learn more about The Moss Group and Strategic Planning, please click on the links below or contact Donna Deutsch at or (202) 546-4747.

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