Technical Assistance

The Moss Group - Technical AssistanceThe Moss Group provides technical assistance to address specific needs, problems, challenges, and individual organizational requirements.

Technical assistance may include onsite guidance, support, consultation, or training in the following areas:

  • Operational assessment of one or more areas
  • Best practices implementation
  • Leadership or supervisory development
  • Staff training review and evaluation

We will provide individualized and custom support to meet your organization’s objectives.


To learn more about The Moss Group or the Technical Assistance we provide, please contact Donna Deutsch at or (202) 546-4747.

The Moss Group has consistently provided the D.C. Department of Corrections with quality technical assistance to executive staff, as well as guidance, workshops, training exercises, and consultation to improve our organizational and facility culture, gender-responsive practices, and certified compliance with PREA. Its services improved the education, skill sets, mind set, and organizational behavior of supervisors, treatment providers, and uniformed staff in support of the agency culture of pride, professionalism, and passion as a public safety agency.

Quincy BoothDC DOC Director

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