Training for Trainers

The Moss Group - Training for TrainersThe Moss Group will help you build internal capacity for long-term success and sustainability through training-for-trainers (T4Ts) events on a variety of topics. Every T4T event is collaboratively designed for effective integration into your organization, with a focus on increasing content knowledge and enhancing skills for your trainers.

We work with you to incorporate policies, practices, and organizational nuances into the final training product and include teach-back sessions and recorded sessions, if requested, to provide real-time comprehension and skills in delivering the material. Trainers you select within your organization will gain the knowledge and skills to train other staff. T4Ts provide a cost-effective solution to support your organization’s productivity.

You’ll get a Training for Trainers package that includes a facilitator guide, curriculum, PowerPoints, activities, scenarios, evaluations, videos, relevant resources, and other training materials to replicate engaging and effective training within your organization.

Popular Training for Trainers content areas include the following:

  • PREA compliance manager training
  • Gender-responsive training
  • Trauma-informed training
  • Specialized training for the investigator
  • LGBTI training, and much more


To learn more about The Moss Group or our Trainings for Trainers, please contact Donna Deutsch at or (202)546-4747.

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