The TMG Team

Andie Moss

Founder and President

Andie Moss  is founder and president of The Moss Group. Through her organization, Ms. Moss manages multiple strategies to assist the field, including implementing the Prison Rape Elimination Act, working effectively with woman offenders, providing executive leadership training, assessing and supporting mission change and transition strategies, developing and leading culture change initiatives, delivering investigative trainings, and facilitating strategic planning. In 2003, TMG was awarded a multi-year cooperative agreement with NIC to manage its PREA initiative by providing training and technical assistance to the field, as well as present at professional conferences. Ms. Moss managed this cooperative agreement for seven years, providing technical assistance to nearly all 50 states, developing video toolkits for adult and juvenile corrections, developing an online e-learning training program, and publishing brochures and articles to assist the field with operational and policy issues related to PREA. Additionally, Ms. Moss served as subject matter expert to the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission and the PREA Review Panel. Ms. Moss is published in professional periodicals and authored a chapter in a correctional administrator’s textbook on staff sexual misconduct. She is active in professional organizations, is the former chair for the ACA Women Working in Corrections Committee, and is past president of the Association of Women Executives in Corrections. Additionally, Ms. Moss serves on the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Advisory Committee on Family Residential Centers. She also chaired the NIC Institute initiative on women offenders for five years. Ms. Moss has received numerous honors for her work, including the NIC Executive Director’s Award and the Association of Women Executive’s in Correction’s Susan M. Hunter Award.

Judy Kirby

Managing Director

Judy Kirby joined The Moss Group in 2015 and is the managing director. In this role, she manages and directs the work of consultants, project managers, and project coordinators, who collectively ensure the successful execution and delivery of TMG projects according to TMG standards. She is accountable for ensuring that all TMG work is top quality, on time, and on budget. Ms. Kirby leads and inspires team members to work as partners to clients, is committed to both the products and services TMG provides, and to the processes and people that lead to those end results. She sets the tone for healthy, positive, inclusive team involvement. With a team of external consultants, Ms. Kirby also oversees human resources. Prior to coming to TMG, Ms. Kirby worked for 26 years at the National Crime Prevention Council. In her role as managing director, she oversaw the training, publication, project management, IT, and communication teams. She served as the organization’s managing editor, working with designers on layout, and overseeing the printing process. As a member of the executive team, she worked with the CEO to prepare budgets and reports for the board of directors, helped with strategic planning, and made recommendations on direction for the agency. Ms. Kirby has a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from George Mason University. She has written several booklets, brochures, and monographs on crime prevention. She is a member of the Virginia Crime Prevention Association and the National Crime Prevention Association.

Chris "Ike" Eichenlaub

Vice President

Chris “Ike” Eichenlaub joined  The Moss Group in 2019 and serves as vice president. In this capacity, he supports client relationships, business development, and program management.  Mr. Eichenlaub held many leadership positions during his career and developed expertise in criminal justice operations, programs, strategic planning, systems of internal control, healthcare, training, and leadership development. Mr. Eichenlaub brings more than 33 years of criminal justice experience to The Moss Group, including a 29-year career in the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP).  Mr. Eichenlaub began his BOP tenure as a research assistant and advanced through numerous positions, including warden in two federal prisons, regional director, and deputy director.  After retiring from the BOP, Mr. Eichenlaub initially worked in private sector correctional healthcare, directing healthcare operations in private and state prisons.  He subsequently worked for a consulting firm where he administered a program for conducting audits of shelters for immigrant children. Mr. Eichenlaub graduated from Gettysburg College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and attained a Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland’s Institute of Criminal Justice and Criminology.

Donna Deutsch

Director of Business Development

Donna Deutsch joined The Moss Group in 2010. As director of business development, Ms. Deutsch is the strategic and operational leader for business development, conferences, marketing, and system processes. She develops, coordinates, and implements plans to increase visibility for TMG in the industry and capture and respond to new business opportunities. As a member of the executive team, Ms. Deutsch leads efforts to amplify TMG’s work and meet organizational growth goals, including those related to regional markets, targeted clients, and new products and services. She also serves on the TMG Volunteer Team. Ms. Deutsch brings more than 20 years of operations, strategic planning, and business development experience to TMG. Her well-rounded base of knowledge and experience in building businesses, evaluating and enhancing systems and operations, and identification of strategic partners provides for the cultivation and expansion of new opportunities and relationships for TMG. Prior to joining The Moss Group, Ms. Deutsch worked in leadership positions within the education, technology consulting, consumer electronics and publishing industries, and has successfully instilled positive, business-building blueprints throughout her career. Her business operations, finance, mergers and acquisition expertise, and analytical skills provide key operational support for TMG’s expanding business. Donna received her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Transylvania University.

Judy Wood


Judy Wood is the CFO for The Moss Group. In her role, Ms. Wood provides oversight for the firm’s accounting, finance, and tax needs. Since 1982, Ms. Wood has operated her own public accounting firm: 15 years in Atlanta, GA, and since 2002, in Washington, DC. The firm in Atlanta was a full-service public accounting firm with ten employees and over 1,000 clients. In 1997, Ms. Wood sold her practice and moved to Washington, DC, where she now specializes in nonprofit organizations, often acting as a part-time CFO for organizations. In Ms. Wood’s role, she is often called upon to develop accounting systems and procedures, particularly as they relate to tracking grant expenses to comply with federal grant fund audit standards. This experience is invaluable in managing TMG’s federal grants.

Mara Dodson

Project Director

Mara Dodson is a project director for The Moss Group’s Atlanta office, overseeing work in the southeastern region for the company. In this capacity, she is responsible for relationship management, project oversight, and expertise on a variety of multi-year initiatives in adult prisons, jails, and juvenile jurisdictions. Projects typically address complex issues related to operational practice, safety, PREA, staff sexual misconduct, female offenders, litigation support, leadership, and culture. Ms. Dodson began working for The Moss Group, Inc. (TMG) in 2008. Initially, she gained considerable knowledge on sexual safety by working on implementation support of the Prison Rape Elimination Act for state agencies and local jails. Notably, Ms. Dodson contributed to the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission Report by conducting a national survey to identify current practice in agency responses to sexual abuse. She managed multi-year PREA grants with state agencies, and led the development team on the National PREA Resource Center’s Employee Training initiative to assist agencies with meeting employee training requirements for PREA compliance. Ms. Dodson also led the development of the PREA Resource Center’s Cross-gender and Transgender Pat Search Training Video and Curriculum. Today, Ms. Dodson continues to enjoy a range of projects. Her passion is to problem solve with jurisdictions and become a trusted partner for positive outcomes, enhanced safety, and sustainable change.  Her project portfolio includes litigation support in women’s services, developing online training curricula for PREA implementation, staffing and retention strategies, leadership and supervisory development, restrictive housing policy and practice, and jail training solutions. Mara is a co-author for a correctional management textbook chapter focused on staff sexual abuse in confinement. She is an experienced presenter, trainer, and facilitator. Ms. Dodson graduated cum laude from Tufts University, majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic. She earned her MBA at American University.

Wendy Leach

Senior Consultant

Wendy Leach joined The Moss Group in 2014 as a senior consultant. Ms. Leach provides expertise in inmate physical and sexual safety, conditions of confinement, and the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). Ms. Leach works in numerous jurisdictions providing training and assistance in PREA compliance, including conducting mock audits, assessing facility operations, and performing policy reviews. Prior to joining TMG, Ms. Leach was a prosecutor in Baltimore, MD, managed a federal settlement agreement regarding conditions of confinement, and later served as the statewide director of quality improvement. Ms. Leach was an assistant state’s attorney in Baltimore and chief handgun prosecutor for the juvenile court. She prosecuted both juveniles and juveniles charged as adults with handgun-related crimes and later adults charged with gun and other criminal offenses. She was tasked with assisting the State of Maryland in complying with and exiting a U.S. Department of Justice settlement agreement involving the conditions of confinement in three detention facilities. Due largely to her efforts, all three facilities reached full compliance and exited federal oversight on time over a four-year period, earning her a Governor’s Citation. Afterwards, Ms. Leach was promoted to the state’s director of quality improvement where she was directly responsible for creating a system of facility quality assurance metrics. Ms. Leach is a certified PREA auditor and was the first to audit the first PREA compliant juvenile facility in the United States. She is a graduate of Albany Law School in Albany, NY.

Tina Waldron

Project Director

Tina Waldron joined The Moss Group in 2012. In her role as a project director, Ms. Waldron provides leadership and expertise in areas such as evidence-based correctional practice, leadership development, gender-responsive practice, reentry, mental health, agency and facility assessments, and strategic planning. Prior to her work with TMG, Ms. Waldron served as the reentry and women’s services manager for the Missouri Department of Corrections (MDOC). In this role, she worked closely with representatives from MDOC, partnering state agencies, and community partners to research, plan, and evaluate Missouri’s Reentry Process (MRP). MRP strategies were designed to advance the ability of the system to assist offenders leaving prison in preparing to reenter and successfully re-integrate into the community with the ultimate goal of enhancing public safety throughout the state. She has also served as a program consultant with the Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) where she acted in a leadership role in implementing evidence-based practice in community corrections and provided oversight, technical guidance, and training to Community Corrections Act agencies across the state. Ms. Waldron has served as a research analyst at KDOC, is an advanced communication and motivational strategies master trainer, has published articles on state specific risk reduction and reentry, and has taught as an adjunct professor of psychology at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. She received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Washburn University.

Maggie Black

Project Manager

Maggie Black joined The Moss Group in 2014 as a project coordinator, providing logistical assistance and supporting the execution of multiple projects. In 2015, Ms. Black was promoted to associate project manager and in 2017 to project manager, where she continues to manage and coordinate projects with both adult and juvenile agencies focused on PREA standards implementation and compliance, culture enhancement, staff training, audit readiness, gender-responsive strategies, and strategic planning. She also serves on the TMG Volunteer Team. Notably, Ms. Black worked on gender-specific inmate orientation videos, provided support in leadership development trainings, provided on-site support during facility assessments, and assisted in curriculum development in the subjects of LGBTI, PREA, and gender responsiveness. Ms. Black formerly worked at the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors and the National Center for Trauma Informed Care, working on a variety of projects to include mental health awareness and the reduction of seclusion and restraint. Ms. Black has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Manhattanville College.

Katy Cummings

Project Manager

Katy Cummings joined The Moss Group in January 2014 as project manager. She manages projects with both adult and juvenile agencies supporting PREA implementation and compliance , culture enhancement, staff training, inmate orientation, and LGBTI offender supervision and treatments. In this role, Ms. Cummings applies gender-responsive strategies to address and respond to sexual abuse in juvenile and adult confinement settings through training, leadership and mentoring, and strategic planning. Prior to joining TMG, Ms. Cummings worked with the National Crime Prevention Council on a variety of projects, including national crime prevention campaigns, research and publication development, training and technical assistance, and community outreach. She has also worked in mental health facilities with at-risk youth, as well as out-patient adults with cognitive and psychological disorders. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from West Virginia University and a master’s degree in Community Psychology with emphasis in Forensics from the University of New Haven.

Stevyn Fogg

Project Manager

Stevyn Fogg joined The Moss Group in 2015 as a project manager. In this capacity, she coordinates and facilitates the work of project teams to ensure the successful completion and delivery of all assigned projects. She is responsible for planning, monitoring, and execution of various aspects of the projects she manages. Ms. Fogg works in close collaboration and partnership with consultants and clients to guarantee that client expectations are met or exceeded. Prior to joining TMG, Ms. Fogg was senior associate with the Center for Effective Public Policy where she collaborated with TMG and other public and private sector agencies on issues related to gender-informed policies and practices, local and state-level justice reinvestment initiatives, and evidence-based correctional practices. Her background includes having held positions in criminal justice, non-profit mental health, for-profit consulting, and public sector legal application and enforcement. Ms. Fogg’s expertise includes having directed national training and technical assistance projects focusing on juvenile justice and youth prevention; law enforcement partnerships to manage sex offenders in the community; building offender reentry collaboratives; and strategies to improve the outcomes for vulnerable populations, such as children, the elderly, and victims of crime. Ms. Fogg holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration of Justice from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master of Arts degree in Sociology from the George Mason University.

Shannon Murphy

Project Manager

Shannon Murphy joined The Moss Group in 2016 as an onsite project manager for the New York City Department of Correction (NYC DOC). She leads and coordinates TMG’s project support for NYC DOC’s PREA compliance efforts, including coordinating leadership symposiums, implementation workgroups, and training of DOC’s 11,000+ uniformed and civilian staff in the prevention, detection, and response to incidents of sexual abuse and sexual harassment against inmates of the operated facilities. Ms. Murphy brings with her 20 years of experience working in county community correctional environments, developing and implementing assessment protocols, programming, and sentencing initiatives to improve offender outcomes in the community. She led NIC’s Transition from Jail to Community project with the Douglas County (Kansas) Sheriff’s Office and was responsible for resident service development and outcome evaluation as deputy chief of programs with Montgomery County’s Pre-Release and Reentry Services (Maryland). Ms. Murphy holds a Master of Public Administration, with a focus on local sector government, and bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Crime and Delinquency Studies from the University of Kansas.

Deepa Shrestha

Staff Accountant

Deepa Shrestha joined The Moss Group in 2017 as a staff accountant.  She has an accounting degree and is responsible for the daily processing accounts payable and receivable, payroll review, and for assisting the accounting manager with tasks as they arise.  Ms. Shrestha works closely with the CFO, human resources department, and accounting manager to ensure that employees and consultants are paid timely and accurately.  Her work contributes to the delivery of budget to actual reports and the production of financial statements. Before joining TMG, Ms. Shrestha worked as the primary accountant for a consulting firm in Virginia. Ms. Shrestha has Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Athens State University, AL.

Molly Volkmann

Accounting Manager

Molly Volkmann joined The Moss Group in 2017 as an accounting manager. She is a certified public accountant and is responsible for processing accounts payable, receivable, payroll, and for the general oversight of the company financial activities. Ms. Volkmann works closely with the CFO and human resources department to ensure that employees and consultants are paid timely and accurately. Her work contributes to the delivery of budget to actual reports and the production of financial statements. Before joining TMG, Ms. Volkmann worked in the finance department at a hedge fund in Boston, MA. Ms. Volkmann has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from The University of Connecticut.

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