Andie Moss Named 2022 E.R. Cass and Francis R. “Dick” Ford Award Recipient

The Moss Group, Inc. is proud and excited to announce that Andie Moss was selected as this year’s E.R. Cass Award recipient by the American Correctional Association (ACA) and as the American Jail Association’s (AJA) Francis R. “Dick” Ford Distinguished Service Award recipient. 

  The E.R. Cass award is named after Edward R. Cass, whose career in corrections spanned more than half a century and who devoted more than 40 years to the ACA in the role of general secretary and, later, as president emeritus. According to ACA, awardees of the E.R. Cass honor display “utmost devotion and distinction to the work and interests of the American Correctional Association” and demonstrate “service above and beyond the call of duty.” The award has become a tradition of excellence, professional integrity, and innovative leadership in the corrections field.   

Here are just a few quotes from correctional leaders supporting Andie’s E.R. Cass nomination:  

“I believe Andie’s dedication to gender-specific research, leadership, and programming is virtually unsurpassed in our field.”  

Denise M. Robinson, President and CEO 

“Long before PREA became the law of the land, Andie Moss was sounding the alarm that the sexual abuse of women and men in confinement facilities had to stop. By providing a new line of thought on the subject, Andie, joined by others, put the discussion on the front burner where it was needed. Andie is a pioneer,” in the corrections field.  

Charles J. Kehoe, ACSW, CCE, Past President  
ACA (2002-2004)    

“Andie’s passion for service extends beyond her pioneering work in the areas of woman offenders, executive leadership training, and institutional culture. She has fostered a culture at The Moss Group that enthusiastically gives back to the community including an active Volunteer Team supporting numerous organizations including Free Minds Book Club, Dress for Success, Safe Shores DC back-to-school supplies drive, and DC Central Kitchen.”  

Reginald A. Wilkinson, Ed.D, Past President 
Retired Director Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction  

The Francis R. “Dick” Ford award is named in honor of the American Jail Association’s (AJA) first Executive Director, and it recognizes a lifetime of professional excellence in the field of local corrections and detention. This is AJA’s highest honor given to those who demonstrate exceptional leadership and a sincere commitment to the professional advancement of jails and their operations.  

  Here is what correctional executives had to say about Andie in support of this nomination:  

“Andie’s name is and has always been synonymous with the terms professional, ethical, inspirational, supportive, committed, enthusiastic, and selfless. I have yet to meet a group of correctional leaders who when discussing issues surrounding PREA, sexual safety, leadership, and operations in jails, that Andie’s name has not been mentioned as THE expert in the field.”  

Elias A. Diggins, Sheriff, MPA, CJM, CCE 
Denver Sheriff Department    

“Andie continues to demonstrate a commitment and willingness to educate correctional leaders and staff on emerging issues and challenges encountered by the evolution of corrections. I have worked with her on several projects throughout the years and her leadership and passion for best operational practice is unmatched.”  

Tony M. Wilkes, Chief of Corrections, BS, CJM 
Nashville-Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, Nashville, TN  

“I know of few others that represent the accomplishments of Andie Moss and her tremendous experience, expertise, and passion serving and challenging our profession to become healthier and focused on creating a safer environment of dignity within our correctional facilities.”  

Doug Dretke, Executive Director
Correctional Management Institute of Texas, Sam Houston State University  

Congratulations Andie, on a well-deserved honor!