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We are your trusted partner. Whether your business is in criminal justice, public safety, private organizations, associations, non-profits, or foundations, we are committed to serving you as professionals with respect, honesty, sensitivity, and the highest level of expertise. 

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The Moss Group offers a unique combination of professional competence, experience, and organizational capacity. Our work is delivered by seasoned practitioners with experience in senior-level positions and by certified and proven experts. We value our clients’ perspective and strive to provide strong partnerships as we develop results that are outcome driven. 


In today’s ever-changing environment, organizations are faced with increased challenges and responsibilities. Deciding how and where to allocate resources and focus attention based on internal and external pressures can be overwhelming.

Our comprehensive organizational assessment will identify and analyze potential drivers of and barriers to change – both individual and systemic – using analytics that measure both people and process outcomes, as well as elusive cultural indicators such as engagement and risk aversion. The assessment will focus on staff and leadership alignment with your agency’s mission, vision, and values; organizational capacity for and commitment to safety and human dignity; staff and organizational readiness for change; and “current state” operational practices.

We understand the pressures leaders and organizations face. Our four-prong approach – listen, assess, customize, and deliver – allows us to identify your organization’s key issues. Combined with our unique insight and experience, we will help you achieve direction and clarity to effectively address these complex challenges and achieve sustainable positive culture change.

Guided by your needs and priorities, our system approach to culture and organizational assessment includes the following activities:

  • Document review (policies, training, programming, grievances, HR documents, etc.)
  • Staff surveys
  • Onsite observations
  • Focus groups
  • Individual interviews
  • Stakeholder engagement

A comprehensive assessment report will provide specific and actionable recommendations and solutions, with short- and long-term implementation guidance, and measurable outcomes. The Moss Group offers an array of services as a follow-on to the assessment report:

  • Strategic implementation planning
  • Action planning
  • Executive coaching
  • Training and technical assistance in specified areas

In today’s environment, our assessments have evolved to support organizations incorporating a greater focus on staff wellness, gender responsiveness, staffing analysis, policy revision, and advanced leadership and supervisory development training, coaching, and mentoring. Culture creates an environment that supports any initiative aimed at positive change and better outcomes for staff, residents, stakeholders, and the community.

Contact Mara Dodson for more details. 


In today’s ever-changing environment, maintaining consistency in staffing and leadership is a challenge across the country. To ensure your leaders and front-line supervisors and managers are prepared to lead with confidence, we offer a wide range of curriculum-based professional development training workshops, assessments, coaching, and mentoring services that develop and strengthen skills and knowledge leaders can immediately implement. 

A sample of our leadership development offerings include the following: 

  • Individual and team assessments. We use a variety of assessment tools selected specifically for your organizational needs and desired outcomes. TMG’s unique approach includes using experts who are certified in several assessment instruments and those who have led organizations and understand your challenges first-hand. 
  • Leadership and supervisory development. From dynamic, interactive, half- to full-day workshops to a series of workshops designed for 3-, 6- or, 12-month programs, TMG provides agency-based, facility-based, and department-based programs for first-line supervisors, middle managers, as well as individual coaching and mentoring.   
  • Leadership summits (with one or more agencies, facilities, or organizations within a city, state, or region) 
  • Theme-centered leadership workshops 
  • Executives, senior leaders, and aspiring leaders coaching
  • Mentoring and team-building programs
  • Temporary leadership support. This includes short- or long-term leadership placement for new or replacement leadership positions, as well as formal mentoring for professional development.

The Moss Group will design a leadership development solution that meets your organization’s specific needs. 

Contact Mara Dodson for more details. 


The Moss Group is nationally recognized as an objective, experienced partner to guide and assist your agency in working towards compliance with litigation-related requirements. Our effective, hands-on approach with leadership and staff, attorneys, state and local government, and community and related stakeholders ensures a collaborative process that provides positive results. From reviewing, revising, and drafting core policies to developing strategic action plans with timelines, performance measures, and tracking, we will help you every step of the way.

Areas of support include:

  • Drafting and reviewing legal settlement documents and compliance requirements.
  • Conducting comprehensive policy and document review, revising existing policy, and developing new policy.
  • Developing action planning, timelines, and performance measures.
  • Facilitating regular meetings to assess progress with compliance requirements.
  • Participating in presentations and meetings to provide expertise and guidance.

We work with jurisdictions of all sizes in various stages of civil litigation. The Moss Group has a proven record of success and will be your trusted partner through this process. Let’s discuss your situation and how our litigation support expertise can help support you with positive outcomes.

Contact Mara Dodson for more details.


The Moss Group’s unique, hands-on, and engaging Leading with Awareness (LWA) strategies are designed to meet your organization’s needs and goals. We address the often sensitive yet critically important issues with professionalism and sensitivity using certified, trained, and dynamic experts.

Examples of our LWA strategies include the following:

Listening Sessions 

Listening sessions are 90-minute, powerful small group sessions providing an opportunity for leadership and staff to share and hear perspectives from one another and explore strategies that create a high-priority approach to addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Executive Video Message 

TMG will facilitate the development and delivery of a 15- to 30-minute video message from the agency or organization leader to be delivered to all staff. The video will provide clear communication and leadership support of the DEI initiative, including setting expectations on activities and desired outcomes.

Town Hall Meeting 

TMG will facilitate the development, delivery, and recording of a 60- to 90-minute town hall meeting, led by an agency leader who will be teamed with a TMG DEI expert.

Leading With Awareness: DEI Steering Committee 

TMG will facilitate the establishment of an LWA: DEI Steering Committee made up of a diverse group of participants representing geographical, divisional, and functional areas of the organization. Recommendations on the structure, guidelines, communication, tools, and processes to support an effective and productive steering committee and positive outcomes will be provided.

Leadership Retreat 

TMG will facilitate a leadership retreat specific to diversity, equity, inclusion, and a respectful workplace, to include the following:

  • Pre-assignment and individual assessment tool
  • Three-hour session focused on listening, raising awareness, and reviewing assessment results
  • Interim assignment
  • Follow-up three-hour session to share feedback on assignments; create individual plans for continued development

LWA Foundational Training 

The LWA training, either onsite or virtually, will be tailored to your staff and organization and will include foundational DEI information as well as customized content based on the themes of the listening sessions, document review, and other data.

LWA Workshops 

TMG offers a range of LWA workshops. We recommend beginning any DEI initiative with our two- to four-hour (onsite or virtual) LWA workshop. The informative session will provide an overview of key definitions around implicit bias, racial equity, diversity, and inclusion, raising awareness with an opportunity to further address these topics.

Additional Offerings 

  • Policy review, refinement, and development
  • Staff survey
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • DEI organizational or departmental assessment
  • DEI or related strategic plan development

Contact Mara Dodson for more details. 


The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003 set the stage for a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual victimization and harassment in confined settings for juveniles and adults. TMG has long been a leader in supporting agencies with the implementation and compliance of PREA standards. We specialize in providing PREA training and technical assistance in adult and juvenile settings, and in prisons, jails, community corrections, and lockups. 

Our goal is to help your agency attain and sustain compliance with PREA, increase sexual safety, and promote zero tolerance in your organization and your facilities. We offer a wide range of services to include the following: 

  • PREA readiness reviews and mock audits using certified PREA auditors 
  • Policy support development and review 
  • PREA coordinator and PREA compliance manager training 
  • Employee training 
  • Investigations training 
  • Medical and mental health specialized training 
  • LGBTI and vulnerable populations trainings 
  • Consultation for audit preparation or corrective action 
  • Standard specific support 

Our team has worked in over 500 sites, assisting correctional administrators in addressing the prevention, detection, and response to sexual abuse and more. We can help you today. 

Contact Mara Dodson for more details. 

Training and Technical Assistance

Training is a central tenet of our work to ensure staff and teams understand a foundational framework and experience positive changes that impact their knowledge, skills, abilities, and behavior; thus, impacting their motivation to perform their job.

We develop and deliver onsite, virtual, and blended training sessions on a wide range of topic areas. Our reputation for developing and delivering customized training, specific to your organization’s needs, is unparalleled. TMG uses state-of-the-art technology, videos, scenarios, activities, small group discussions, and other tools to maximize knowledge and skill development. Our training-for-trainer (T4T) programs support increased training capacity and sustainability within your organization. 

The training plan and curriculum will be delivered by engaging, experienced subject matter and training experts. The dynamic sessions will be interactive, skill-based, and designed for adult learners to ensure participants have a positive learning experience. We listen to you to develop a training program specific to your needs. 

  Examples of Training topics include the following: 

  • Leadership and supervisory development 
  • Gender responsive; trauma-informed care 
  • Investigations 
  • PREA  
  • PREA employee training and refresher 
  • PREA compliance manager  
  • Specialized investigations training 
  • Pat search 

Training of Trainers 

The Moss Group helps you build internal capacity for long-term success and sustainability through T4T events. T4T events will be collaboratively designed for effective integration into your organization with a strong focus to increase content knowledge and enhance skill-building for your trainers. Your organization’s policies, practices, and unique nuances will be integrated into the training curriculum.

Teach-back sessions and recorded sessions, if requested, can provide real-time comprehension and skill development for the T4T participants. Trainers you select within your organization will gain the knowledge and skills to train other staff. T4Ts provide a cost-effective solution to support your organization’s long-term capacity-building goals.  

Technical Assistance   

The Moss Group offers technical assistance (TA) to address organization’s specific needs, problems, challenges, and individual organizational requirements through onsite or remote support, consultation, and training. TA is designed collaboratively with you and includes immediate, short-term, and longer-term solutions. 

Contact Mara Dodson for more details. 


Strategic Planning

Developing a blueprint for decision-making, resource allocation, and growth is critical to any organization. TMG has guided a wide range of organizations, including criminal justice and public safety organizations, non-profits, foundations, and associations in developing multi-year strategic plans.  

The Moss Group brings 20+ years of experience helping organizations identify and implement strategic planning efforts. We offer various tools, templates, and protocols to facilitate strategic plans that align with an organization’s vision, mission, and values.  

Our approach is collaborative, working with key staff leadership to create a roadmap for identified areas of action. TMG provides support throughout the strategic planning process as we set goals and develop implementation plans to track and monitor progress to ensure program success.  

Our strategic planning process is customizable and encompasses various techniques, including assessments, agreements, and internal reviews. Our approach includes regular meetings and coaching sessions with onsite and remote work capabilities. The Moss Group is goal-oriented and impact-driven. We are prepared to create measurable and achievable goals for your organization. We provide short- and long-term strategic planning depending on your organization’s desired goals. 


Contact Mara Dodson for more details. 


Our Partner-Focused Process


We listen. Our inclusive and collaborative process provides The Moss Group with a systemic and holistic view of your organization.   


Every client is unique. We develop a plan to address your specific needs and challenges.   


We deliver services that result in actionable solutions and positive outcomes to strengthen and support your organization. 


See What Others Say

TMG is always focused on the needs of clients. The organization works first to understand the internal dynamics of issues and then collaboratively TMG helps to develop solutions that clearly address the problem at hand. I’ve found TMG to be extremely responsive. I have always found TMG’s ability to break down complex issues and address those issues with specific steps and action plans for implementation impressive. I am a Moss Group believer!

Tom Faust

Director, DC Department of Corrections and Past President, American Jail Association and Past Executive Director and CEO, National Sheriffs' Association

As we worked toward vital systemic changes, we were faced with staff and population management challenges during the pandemic, as well as mounting social justice issues. The Moss Group has been an exceptional partner through it all. TMG has shared resources, recognized our efforts, and provided professional services that have significantly impacted the department’s work toward implementing criminal justice reform in Illinois. The TMG team is always willing to assist in any way possible and I appreciate those efforts wholeheartedly.

Rob Jeffreys

Director, Illinois Department of Corrections

In my roles overseeing the California State Correctional system and the Los Angeles County jails and probation department, I often called upon The Moss Group to assist with complex challenges or simply to seek guidance on an idea or issue.

Andie Moss and her team of experts have extensive experience addressing a range of correctional challenges, whether in the adult or juvenile system, or in detention or the community. TMG is a “go-to” organization for any correctional practitioner serious about systemic transformation.

Terri McDonald

Retired Undersecretary and former Chief Probation Officer, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Los Angeles County