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Outcomes-based Training Evaluation:
A Three-part Webinar Training

Understanding the Why, What, When, and How

The “Outcomes-based Training Evaluation,” a three-part virtual training series, will prepare participants to understand the why, what, when, and how of outcomes-based evaluations in correctional training. The first module will discuss what outcomes-based training evaluations are and why they are important. The second module will discuss how to design and implement your own outcomes-based training evaluations. Finally, the third module will discuss data collection and analysis of outcomes-based evaluation training.

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Adult Learning in Corrections

This short, animated video educates viewers on adult learning and the importance of correctional training environments to enhance retention and implementation. Site observations found a gap in integrating adult learning principles into basic correctional training and a lack of understanding of what it is and its importance in training by executive-level leaders.

Improving Institutional Corrections Academy Training Training Directors of On-site Observations’ Roundtable

The Moss Group thanks Bryan Collier, Executive Director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and Heidi Washington, Director of the Michigan Department of Corrections, for sharing their experiences during the BJA Improving Institutional Corrections Training Academy’s roundtable event on March 13, 2024. They shared how executive leaders can positively and proactively interact with their departmental training unit.

Executive Director Collier has over 37 years of adult corrections experience and has been the executive director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice since 2016. He serves in leadership roles in many associations, including a role very impactful to this particular group, the Corrections Leaders Association (CLA) where he serves as the chair of the Recruitment and Retention Committee. He’s been nationally recognized several times for his exemplary leadership, including receiving the Best in Business award from ACA.

Director Washington has served as the Michigan Department of Corrections director since 2015. She, too, is very involved in multiple associations and serves on the Executive Committee alongside Director Collier for CLA. She’s received national recognition for her vision and innovation in corrections and was named public official of the year by Habitat for Humanity of Michigan. She also serves as a task force member for the Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute, which is a non-profit alliance working to promote and enable technology in the public sector.

We were so privileged to have Executive Director Collier and Director Washington share their experiences, and we appreciate your willingness to participate as panelists and dialogue with our training directors’ roundtable group!