Picture of Andie Moss at The Moss GroupThe Moss Group was formed to provide the field of corrections with opportunities to partner with some of the most dedicated and talented practitioners, researchers, and community stakeholders that touch the criminal justice system.

Over 15 Years of Success

A full-service national consulting firm, The Moss Group focuses primarily on facility and organizational safety. However, while our major outreach has been in prisons, jails, and community corrections, our experience also moves us into related fields of work.

Our leadership strategies and unique ability to assess and develop healthy organizational cultures has resulted in opportunities to broaden our work with other types of agencies. We’ve partnered with educational organizations, fire and safety departments, non-profits, and most recently, forensic science.   

From the Founder

As the founder of The Moss Group, my vision came from a desire to serve the public and private sector after the first 20 years of my career in state and federal levels of criminal justice. My experience allowed me to build a consulting firm based on a profound belief in the talent and thoughtfulness of many of the senior leaders, academicians, and advocates I’ve worked with along the way. The opportunity to blend the talent of these individuals to problem solve as “trusted partners” to organizations was exciting to me.

Additionally,  the population The Moss Group serves includes those involved in the criminal justice system or other social justice systems. They are simply not, in my view, throw-away individuals.  The dilemmas in criminal justice require a 360 perspective that clarifies our goal. – positive outcomes for staff, for those we serve, and for our communities.

The Moss Group’s team of consultants represent a broad range of knowledge and expertise. We are policy experts, operations experts, legal experts,  and training experts. Our team has the capacity to respond quickly to short- or long-range projects.  Our commitment to learning and reinventing our consulting practice comes from each client engagement and striving to be the very best at what we do.

Finally, my own history of working to achieve sexual safety in confinement through the lens of culture and leadership has framed much of The Moss Group’s early work. What continues to be a primary focus is that of sexual safety in confinement settings. It is important, however, to stress that our approach to sexual safety has for many years led my firm into the major critical and emerging issues that face public leaders.  I hope you will consider our talent as you address the challenges of implementing best practice in your organization.

Anadora Moss

Andie’s career with NIC and her years as a key contributor in the corrections field have instilled in her a keen sensitivity to the pressures facing executive leaders. She understands how networking extends along a continuum from excellent professional relationships to the synergy that solves emerging problems and dilemmas. Andie weaves confidentiality and wisdom into every interaction.

Robert P. HoustonSenior Community Research Associate, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Fellow in National Academy of Public Administration, College of Public Affairs and Community Service, University of Nebraska at Omaha

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